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  • - Featured under "WHAT'S HOT" on the App Store frontpage!
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Let me be clear, your Gitmo Nation iPhone Application is here! You can use this app ‘In the Morning!’ or after you get your swine flu shot to get your dose of real news.
The app Adam Curry described as “Spectacular”, “The Ultimate App”, and “Anything you could want from an iPhone app for No Agenda is here”. (Click ‘…More’ to view features)The app made by a Knight of the No Agenda.
Featured on the “What’s Hot” list on the frontpage of the iTunes App Store!
Featured on the App-A-Day podcast!
Mentioned many times on the No Agenda podcast! Used by Adam Curry and Ms. Mickey!

Do you ever suffer from any of the following desires:
-Push Notification when the show starts! Never accidentally miss a live stream!
-Ability to listen to the live stream or ANY of the past shows on the custom audio player. Background audio with iOS 4.0 or without with the help of Safari.
-A No Agenda Soundboard with jingles, crackpot, and buzzkill moments.
-COMPLETE show listing (back to show #1) with shownotes from the website.
-Shownotes search functionality! Search through ALL the shownotes in one place.
-Ability to save the shows for offline listening.
-Ability to email or twitter (with Tweetie, SimplyTweet, Twittelator, and Echofon) shownotes (Tap-n-Hold on a shownote) shownotes.If you answered yes to any of the listed features, Pocket No Agenda maybe for you. Side effects may include: uncontrollable urges to scream “IN THE MORNING” or “JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS” at the top of your lungs, regret over the ways you’ve been blinded by “real news”, or a crackpot urge that “they” might be coming to get you. Most commonly these effects go away with time but they haunt you for a lifetime. In rare cases, you may get the feeling you “get no spam”.

Remember, consult a local Knight of the No Agenda Armory to help decide if No Agenda is right for you.

If you would like to get a hold of me for comments or suggestions, best way would to leave a comment here or at the twitter account, @pocketnoagenda.

Hear Adam Curry describe the app on No Agenda:
Adam Curry on the pre-show of CESpool 2010 on MevioSuperTech via

Here’s what some people are saying about Pocket No Agenda:
  • The No Agenda podcast which is hosted by John C Dvorak & Adam Curry twice a week deconstruct the stories that are told by Big Media and bring us the real analysis of what governments, NGOs & Big Business are really telling you. If you love this show which is available on iTunes do buy this APP to help support the show & allow Adam to go full time bringing us the facts.The APP is very nicely done (if compared to similar podcast support apps) with soundboards & a full listing of all the shows back to No1. Fantastic effort & a great way to support one of the best podcasts around. I am looking forward to the updates.
  • Possible the most significant app to ever launch on the iTunes Application Store the No Agenda app Is a must have in the morning or any other time of the day. Coincidence? I think not! The apps seemless integration of jingles and quotable quotes from Crackpot and Buzzkill really is a punch in the mouth! Don’t be a denier – this app is better than Atlas Shrugged by Aynn Rand! [sic]
  • Good app that provides a great experience for fans of No Genda [sic] Show. Polished, easy to use, and with subtle touches that show the app to be a labor of love. Great job!
  • This app is great.
  • Great app, super soundboard, and if it gets updated regularly will be the best $3 I spent on my iPhone.
  • Loving version 2.0! That custom audio player is fantastic.
  • oh my god. It’s amazing. You, sir, are a winner! Love the new audio player. Wow. Just wow. Good fucking app.
  • I’ve been walking past people playing “In The Morning!” #NoAgendaShow Subliminal Brainwashing.
  • Hi, great app! Hope that the “fluoride in my cup” jingle will be implemented (Which it has)
  • Great App – have tweeted & written reviews on UK iTunes. Any possibility of TwitterlatorPro support? Thks 4 support of show (Twittelator Pro support has also been added)
  • The app rox
  • Your app looks great. Just bought it. Thanks for making a REAL no agenda app!