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Analysts are morons

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Are you really tell me Apple is gonna release *big inhale* iPhone5, retina 13” MBP, new iPad mini, redesigned iPad (full-size), redesigned iPod, new iMacs all in September? You’re really just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sicks. Just stay with iPhone 5, you’ll have the greatest chance of being right.

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Core Data Tutorials

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I recently updated Ray’s Core Data Tutorials for iOS 5, check them out here:

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Stuff I Ate on My New iPad: Azteca Carne Asada

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Privacy Pledge

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This morning I signed the App Makers’ Privacy Pledge. tl;dr; version – just a promise I won’t use your private data for shady stuff.


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Stuff I Ate on my NEW iPad: Egg Salad Sandwich

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This Week in Tweets: 2012-03-04

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This Week in Tweets: 2012-02-26

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  • This Week in Tweets: 2012-02-19 – #
  • ton of new games, apps, and demos on the ps vita store. ya know, if your down with that. #
  • God, where does Samsung come up with all these innovative ideas #
  • I think I have a bruise on my nose. Maybe I should try to not get punch in the face so much. #
  • Went to the mall on lunch break to get a memory card. Not in stock. Ordered it on my phone from Amazon as I got a hot dog. Retail is dead. #
  • So apparently you have to leave your PS3 powered on to use remote play on your vita, which makes it right next to fucking useless. #
  • UGH, say goodbye to helium balloons “@Vesvelha: Teenage girl dies after inhaling helium at party” #
  • Holy crap! They're making a new Visual Studio! I would have never guessed! #
  • VS 11 announcement, good day to be a person who can't see past Microsoft for any of their software needs. #
  • To correct past errors, today is @DanielleDadashi day on my twitter! You'll come to find out what that means. #
  • Oh, #JerseyShore An inflatable raft in water, what will you think of next? #
  • *shudder* I think I'm scarred for life #
  • No Snooki #
  • This must be one crazy club // Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson's Ex-Husband Caught At Sex Club AND #
  • Lunch time show #

This Week in Tweets: 2012-02-19

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  • This Week in Tweets: 2012-02-12 – #
  • Goodbye unlimited data plan, but hello 5gb of useable data plus teethering #
  • alright internet, be quiet. I'm watching the new @WalkingDead_AMC #
  • seriously, how does AMC put out so many good shows? #
  • Mass Effect 3 Demo verdict: Fucking Awesome. Feels more

    like ME1, less like a big budget movie like ME2. Pumped for it to come out now. #

  • Oh, you mean things were said just to get attention? // Fair Labor Assoc. says Foxconn's Apple plant is 'first class' #
  • SharePoint: When the incredibly simple needs to be made impossibly complicated. #

This Week in Tweets: 2012-02-12

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