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This Week in Tweets: 2011-12-11

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This Week in Tweets: 2011-12-04

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  • This Week in Tweets: 2011-11-27 – #
  • If I seem curt and bothered with you on the phone, it's because I don't want to talk to you. #
  • So apparently nobody uses/installs/authorizes Carrier IQ, it just magically fucking shows up on everyones phones. #
  • Apple fixed my 3 year old, out of warranty Macbook Pro that had a problem that was entirely my fault for… wait for it… FREE! #
  • Gowalla account deleted ( …not that I used it anymore. #
  • Conversations during krav maga warm up: the mall during Christmas -> yelling at people -> midgets -> Umpa-Lumpas -> midget hookers #

This Week in Tweets: 2011-11-27

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This Week in Tweets: 2011-11-20

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Nokia Lumia 800

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Seems like nice hardware. Not quite sold on the software yet.

This Week in Tweets: 2011-11-13

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  • This Week in Tweets: 2011-11-06 – #
  • Sorry B&N, if iPhone/iTunes/AppStore showed us anything, content is king and unfortunately you have none and Amazon has a shit ton (a lot) #
  • such an Apple error message #
  • doh, previous tweet was because i was in my implementation file, not the interface #
  • Ding dong, the witch is dead “@daringfireball: ZDNet: Adobe to Cease Development of Flash Player for Mobile Browsers:” #
  • Amen "…people who want to run Windows on something a lot like a MBA are better served by just running Windows on a MBA" #
  • “@daringfireball: PlayBook Engineers Get to Work on RIM’s Fork of Mobile Flash Player:” #

This Week in Tweets: 2011-11-06

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This Week in Tweets: 2011-10-30

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  • This Week in Tweets: 2011-10-23 – #
  • I was there, it's great “@VTM_iOS: This talk on Defensive Programming in Cocoa by @mikeash got great evals in Seattle.” #
  • Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield3, Uncharted3, MW3. What the hell? How am I suppose to play all these? #
  • Why the hell do PC laptops still primarily come with VGA ports? Are you kidding me? #
  • Playing Battlefield3 #
  • Market Share and OS Versions – #
  • I just unlocked the "Century Club" badge on @foursquare! #
  • Stallman's a narcissistic dickhead. That's all. I never want to hear about him again. #

Market Share and OS Versions

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After reading an article about how the Nexus One isn’t getting upgraded to the newest version of Android, I got to thinking. Most people would agree that marketshare is a important indicator of a platform’s success and developer interest in that platform, but from a developer point of view, I want to know the market share of devices that can run the newest version of the OS. If a manufacturer is saying that their device is too old to be able to be upgraded to the newest version of an OS, should it really be considered a X device anymore? All of these Android phones that are stuck at 2.3 or 2.2 or 1.6 or whatever, should those really count as market share? At what point do those go away? Likewise with Apple devices, if it can’t run the latest and greatest iOS version, I don’t think it should count in market share. Okay, maybe still lump everything into ‘Unit Market Share’ but we should have a new measurement, maybe called ‘Active Unit Market Share’. Active Unit Market Share only includes devices that are capable AND can update (read: the update is released) to the most recent version of the OS.

This Week in Tweets: 2011-10-23

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  • This Week in Tweets: 2011-10-16 – #
  • Siri. Best. feature. ever. #
  • anyone have sources on total windows phone 7 sales to date? wondering how they stack up to iPhone 4S sales this weekend. #
  • Siri seems to be working for me again #

    The Federal Reserve Awareness Project – #

  • For some reason RIM thinks lack of BB apps can be solved by running shitty Android apps. I guess we'll see how that works for them. #
  • My iPhone4S battery life is getting better and better. At first it was 8% end of day, now about 50%. Maybe it was all the playing with Siri? #