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CS145 Program 2 Files

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Program 2 files

Program 2 Description

Remember, comments are required for programs.

Dr. Osborne has provided a sample program so you can see what your program should function like. Remember to take advantage of this.

CS145 Lab4 – Doubly Linked Lists

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Lab files

Lab Description



WITH Unchecked_Deallocation;

PROCEDURE Dispose IS NEW Unchecked_Deallocation (
Object => ListNode,
Name   => NodePtr);

GSoC Stuff

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I will post GSoC stuff to this catagory to bookmark

CS145 Lab3

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Lab 3 Files

F( X , Y )

X – Y x < 0
X – Y y < 0
f(x-1,y) + f(x,y-1) else

C( N , R )

1 N == R
C (N,N) R == 0
C (N-1,R-1) + C (N-1,R) R > 0
0 else

Remember you can access array values with ‘First and ‘Last

i.e. A’First and A’Last

Email Help

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If you need help over the weekend (or whenever for that matter) send me email at cs[dot]ta[dot]adam[at]gmail[dot]com (change the [dot] to a ‘.’ and the [at] to a ‘@’). You can ask questions or schedule a appointment to meet.

CS145 Program 1

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Program 1 Description

Program 1 Files


Add these lines to your

PACKAGE Gender_IO IS NEW Enumeration_IO(Enum => GenderType);
USE Gender_IO;

Some of the things you are required to do (in the order I would do them):

  1. Write a GET function in your IO package
  2. Write your loop to get the information from the hour.dat file
  3. Write the rest of the IO package (PUT and PutPayrollHeader)
  4. Write the rest of the code that deals with calculation


  1. You MUST comment programs
  2. Please put sources (and any other notes) into a separate file, not in the email body

CS101 Lab 2

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When I write “…”, that is content that you fill in.


tag – is set of opening and closing string to signify special meaning. Tags normally come in pairs, one being an opening tag and the other the closing tag.

For example:

Opening tag: <title>

Closing tag: </title>

Entire tag: <title>Adam’s Great Webpage</title>

So what this is saying is, “‘Adam’s Great Webpage’ is the title of this page”

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CS145 Lab 2

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You will need these files for lab 2.

What you need to do:

  1. Add ID field to the Cat record. Remember to make a new subtype.
  2. Add two functions to the Cats package. (Hint: They “help” the generic Maximum_Array_Generic function)
  3. Write a child package for cat io. (Pretty much the similar to what you did for lab 1)
  4. Write a generic function to determine if a value is in an array. [ In_Array_Generic ]