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  • This Week in Tweets: 2012-02-19 – #
  • ton of new games, apps, and demos on the ps vita store. ya know, if your down with that. #
  • God, where does Samsung come up with all these innovative ideas #
  • I think I have a bruise on my nose. Maybe I should try to not get punch in the face so much. #
  • Went to the mall on lunch break to get a memory card. Not in stock. Ordered it on my phone from Amazon as I got a hot dog. Retail is dead. #
  • So apparently you have to leave your PS3 powered on to use remote play on your vita, which makes it right next to fucking useless. #
  • UGH, say goodbye to helium balloons “@Vesvelha: Teenage girl dies after inhaling helium at party” #
  • Holy crap! They're making a new Visual Studio! I would have never guessed! #
  • VS 11 announcement, good day to be a person who can't see past Microsoft for any of their software needs. #
  • To correct past errors, today is @DanielleDadashi day on my twitter! You'll come to find out what that means. #
  • Oh, #JerseyShore An inflatable raft in water, what will you think of next? #
  • *shudder* I think I'm scarred for life #
  • No Snooki #
  • This must be one crazy club // Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson's Ex-Husband Caught At Sex Club AND #
  • Lunch time show #

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