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Double Glock Full Auto Pistol(s) | The Firearm Blog

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Double Glock Full Auto Pistol(s) | The Firearm Blog.

I think you need a mustache like his to own this gun.

Bloomberg: Microsoft to pay Nokia ‘more than $1 billion’ to make Windows Phones — Engadget

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Bloomberg: Microsoft to pay Nokia ‘more than $1 billion’ to make Windows Phones — Engadget.

Isn’t this kinda like paying the popular girl in school to be seen with you? And in this case, the girl isn’t even that popular.

Sorry But Do We Even Need the Caption on This Picture?

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Screen shot 2011-01-07 at 8.23.06 AM.png

“Suspicious” Bagel

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A Florida professor was arrested and removed from a plane Monday after his fellow passengers alerted crew members they thought he had a suspicious package in the overhead compartment.

That “suspicious package” turned out to be keys, a bagel with cream cheese and a hat. Ognjen Milatovic, 35, was flying from Boston to Washington D.C. on US Airways when he was escorted off the plane for disorderly conduct following the incident.

With a name like ‘Ognjen Milatovic’ I’m sure he must of been non-American and therefore easy to mistake him for a terrorist. Good thing we aren’t letting the terrorists make us live in a constant state of fear.

Story via Daring Fireball

Initial Macbook Air Impressions

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Bought the 11.6″ MBA about a few days ago and thought I’d share some of my initial impressions:

  • The build feels solid. Form factor is amazing. Has a great feel to it.
  • Screen doesn’t feel as small as I thought it would. 1366×768 is the same as the 13″ Macbook Pro, just in a smaller space meaning the dpi is higher which leads to a crisper picture.
  • Overall performance is good. I was afraid going from a 2.8ghz Macbook Pro to a 1.6ghz Macbook Air would have been a little rougher but the Air keeps up with mostly everything I want to do.
  • Graphic performance has been outstanding so far with the Nvidia GeForce 320M. The thing can run Starcraft 2 better than may old 15″ Macbook Pro. Perfect machine for Minecraft.
  • Performance coding: GREAT. Xcode runs great, which makes this the perfect machine to carry to the coffee shop and bang some code out on. When I go to work, mini-display hooks up perfect to my 30″ monitor and I have a full screen to code with.
  • Battery has been good but not great. I’ve been getting about 3.5 hours. From what I hear, I should be getting about an hour more, I am running some pretty heavy applications though.
  • I thought I remembered hearing the keyboard was full-size but it is definitely not. Feels like 99% or 98%, just not quite full size. Maybe the “letter keys” are full size but the function keys definitely are not and the bottom keys (space, command, alt, etc) are a bit smaller. Takes a little getting used to but I have no problem with it.

Top 10 iPad Apps

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Everyone is getting iPads! Two people have asked me for my favorite apps now so I just thought it would be easier to make a blog post. (No particular order)

  1. GoodReader – Don’t let the name fool you, it has little to do with reading. GoodReader is kinda a file explorer, giving you the ability to store and view files and move files from your computer and your iPad.
  2. Skyfire – Not an iPad app (iPhone) but what it does is too cool; it’s a web browser that converts flash video on their servers and send you h.264 encoded video. Also has some other features like private browsing.
  3. iTeleport – Expensive but well worth it for anyone that uses VNC for remoting into another machine.
  4. Dropbox – If you have a dropbox account, this app lets you access your files and even save select files for offline access.
  5. Flipboard – Very cool, magazine-like app that does a pseudo-screen scrape/rss aggration and put together a very nice looking newspaper-like presentation.
  6. VLC – Lets you play .avi and .mpg (and other non-Apple) video files.
  7. Netflix – Instant stream to your iPad.
  8. Infinity Blade & Rage HD – Not the best games, more tech demos but the graphics are incredible.
  9. Star Walk – Cool “show it to your friends” app. Load up the star chart, hold up the iPad to the night sky, and it shows you where constellations are and what they are called.
  10. Magic Piano – Fun little piano. Play with other people online.
  11. Uzu – Particle visualizer. Strangely hypnotic.

Come on Google

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Why you telling me file size in bytes, it’s like telling me driving distance in inches.

Stuff I Ate on my iPad: SPAM Eggs Benedict

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PAX Pictures

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Stuff I Ate On My iPad: Egg, Bacon, Cheese Panini

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