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Why Some Companies Prosper and Others Don’t

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Apple’s Jobs takes $1 salary, but holdings suffer AP by AP: Yahoo Tech

If you already didn’t know, Apple’s Steve Jobs only takes a $1 a year salary. There are of course bonuses (like a private jet and the expenses), but most of his compensation come from stock options. This makes him personally invested in the company and its success and the interests of the share holders (since he is a large one). Imagine if Enron was run like this . . .

Why I Love and Hate Twitter (UPDATE)

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Love: It is a great way to just send short little bursts of information to friends.

Hate: If you are not aware or only use the website to interface with twitter, they have an API that any third-party application works with. To prevent scaling issues and over use and such, they impose a limit to the requests that an account can make per hour. This limit fluctuates but is generally around 100 per hour. However, for some unknown reason, my account thinks it has ALWAYS used up all of its requests so I can’t ever use third-party twitter clients or anything that access my twitter (like the widget on the right).

UPDATE: As soon as I posted this, it started working again! I love twitter now!

Good Deed for the Day

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So I decided to go to Wasabee to get something to eat. Placed my to-go order (crunchy dragon and rock and roll, both spicy, btw), thought I’d take a walk around while waiting. I was walking infront of US Bank on my iPhone trying to access my home computer and I look down and what do I see?

A 3g iPhone just laying on the ground!

Just so happened at the very moment I picked it up off the ground, a call came in from the owner’s friend. They were just across the street and wanted to know if they could have the phone back. So of course I met them and gave the phone back and he offered to buy me a drink or something but I politely declined.

So I think I did my good deed for the day.

New Year, New Resolutions

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So new year, I guess I should make some resolutions. Ugh.

Okay so one simple one I can make is to try to post on this blog more. I’m hoping that this will help me keep track of my research and stuff and in-turn help me make more progress. Also, I’ve never keep a journal-thing so maybe this will turn into that type of thing too.

New WordPress app for iPhone

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Just testing the new Word press app for the iPhone. Nothing to see here folks.